Our vintage biplane is known as the "WACO", pronounced like "taco", which stands for the Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio.  There were roughly six hundred Waco UPF-7s manufactured in the United States from 1939 to 1942, developed originally as a World War II trainer.

Today, there are fewer than 80 in existance, most of which are currently in museums.  Our own Waco was built in 1942 and completely restored in 2003.

What makes this aircraft ideal for experiencing flight as it was in days gone by is the seat configuration.  While the pilot is seated in a single seat in the rear, two additional passengers can be seated in front, side by side.  This makes it possible to double your fun by sharing this unique flying experience with a friend or loved one!

With its wide stance, spacious seating, four ailerons, and an empty weight almost 400 lbs. lighter than a Stearman, this aircraft combines nostalgia with sport flying for the ultimate flying experience!


Engine:  Continental R670 (220 hp)
Cruise Speed:  95 mph
Stall speed:  41 mph
Empty weight:  1855 lbs.
Wing span:  30 ft.
Takeoff distance:  350 ft.
Landing distance:  450 ft.